“I am a huge supporter of the trainings which you designed. They saved hours of time in providing skype sessions to meet the training needs... and also improved the quality and consistency of our training. In the past, we would have to share the burden of the training presentations between 5-10 team members, but that means the quality would vary. It has also enabled us to use our time for more added value discussions with the teams. Now, we have sessions on how to enhance the way we work together, rather than going through the repetitive routine training aspects. This means we focus on improving our processes, not stabilising them.”

“The quality of their work is the highest – I think they have a very rigorous editorial process. Everything is done and finished to the best quality standard. Very thorough.”

“Amazing product: it’s very rare that you come across a provider or a learning partner that has really fantastic content as well as cutting edge learning design and technology.”

“They are constantly looking forward. I have worked with other online providers and they have their standard stuff and that is it. What I like about Energy Future is that it is not just the online stuff, there’s videos and certification too. And I like the fact that they are constantly pushing forward in their market and do not lose sight of their client brief.”

“They have the best process in place that makes the best use of SME’s time, maximising engagement from our technical specialists. The product is very engaging, and the content is very engaging. They use the right mix of media.”

“They have a deep technical expertise. They really understand learning. They understand what the modern learner wants. They understand that people are very time-pressured and want something they can consume in 25 minutes maximum.”

“Other companies provide interesting training materials, but we’ve been unable to find anyone who can do it with Energy Future’s journalistic ability and spice.”

“Their courses are really impressive and they have a collaborative style of working which we welcome.“

“We looked at 10 different companies, and EF was the most appealing. They are already well regarded in the market for top quality content and professionalism.”